Seeking "FireFox" Information

Bradley Turner bsturner at MBCRR.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Apr 19 14:05:07 EST 1996

Dear Bio-netters,

I am seeking any information about an internet interface software package
called FireFox, for IBM-PC's running Win 3.x connected to LANs (I'm not sure
if the internet host is UNIX or VAX/VMS based).  FireFox includes the 
usual e-mail, gopher, web, ftp, telnet, etc. services.

I'd be particularly interested in locating a manual, the address/phone/fax/
email of the company that produces/supports this software ( I think it is
the FireFox corporation), any directions regarding installing/configuring
this software.

Thank you
Brad Turner

Beth Israel Hospital, DA-536
330 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215 USA

617-667-1215 phone
617-667-2767 fax
bsturner at mbcrr.harvard.edu

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