Temporary outage at IUBio/FlyBase Indiana server

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Tue Apr 16 13:45:56 EST 1996

There will be a temporary outage of the FlyBase & IUBio servers
at Indiana (flybase.bio.indiana.edu and iubio.bio.indiana.edu),
today (Tues 16 April 96) around 6pm to 7pm EST (11pm GMT).

Alternate sites include these.
FTP file mirrors:

ftp://ftp.gdbnet.ad.jp/ftpsync/ftp.bio.indiana.edu/ -- full mirror of iubio

ftp://ftp.ddbj.nig.ac.jp/pub/mirror/IUBIO/molbio -- /molbio section
            "                      /IUBIO/flybase -- /flybase data section

ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/sci/molbio/iubiomolbio  -- mirrors the /molbio section

ftp://ftp.sunet.se/ ??  -- I couldn't get a look here due to net time-outs

ftp://bioinformatics.weizmann.ac.il/pub/software/  -- mirrors
    /molbio/search, /molbio/unix, /molbio/ibmpc, /molbio/mac and /molbio/vax

FlyBase data:
 Flybase WWW @ E.B.I., UK         http://www.embl-ebi.ac.uk:7081/
 Flybase Gopher @ E.B.I., UK      gopher://www.embl-ebi.ac.uk:7071/

 FlyBase WWW @ ANGIS, Australia   http://www.angis.su.oz.au:7081/
 FlyBase Gopher @ ANGIS, Austral. gopher://gopher.angis.su.oz.au:7071/

 FlyBase WWW @ N.I.G., Japan      http://shigen.lab.nig.ac.jp:7081/
 FlyBase Gopher @ N.I.G., Japan   gopher://shigen.lab.nig.ac.jp:7071/

-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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