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Hello all;

For years, everyone in the healthcare industry has been talking about the need
for good CLINICAL OUTCOME data, but few in the industry have actually found a
way to get it easily and economically.

The aquisition of valid OUTCOME DATA generally requires the input of great
amounts of clinical information; in most cases, that data is being input by
expensive clincal personnel, or it's being entered by untrained secretaries who
are wrestling with cryptic nursing notes and massive and complex input forms.
GIGO=Garbage In, Garbage Out! It's especially true in this industry!

We have a solution for Home HealthCare Providers and Clinical Nursing facilities
that works, and will help you avoid the 'GIGO' trap!....

The Genesis Software Inc. HICAP (Healthcare Industry Data Capture) Package is
built around a lightning fast MS-DOS series of programs that runs stand-alone in
DOS, in Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. Data screens are customizable, and can be
stacked like cards, in any sequence with NO re-programming. So the package will
fit the way YOU do business!

The real power of the system is in the optional custom designed data input
forms: These are simple BARCODE-READABLE check-off forms that can be easily
filled out in the field, then faxed or taken back to the office, and then be
quickly and ACCURATELY entered by secretarial personnel using a bar-wand.

For INFUSION Sites, the PHARMACY QUICKLABEL(c) module is the quickest system for
generating an Rx label or patient service order; a pharmacist working alone on a
weekend can get a phone call, input his basic information, and have his
prescription label and patient service order printed within 10 minutes.

Some Other Features of the HICAP Data Collection System:
	-A 'Front-End' to your current Billing System - Not A Replacement!
	-The Fastest Pharmacy Label Generation Tool!
	-The Quickest and Easiest Clinical Data Entry System!
	-It's Virtually IDIOT-PROOF! (well, so far anyway....)
	-"Nursing Productivity" module tracks visit time, office time, mileage, 
		byTherapy/Visit type.
	-"Record Tracking" system tracks a patient's progress through the system.
	-Optional Custom Barcode Data Entry Forms for incredibly fast, accurate data 
	-Built-In Remote Communications Data Transfer System.
	-Produces ASCII data files for direct import into LOTUS, EXCEL, ACCESS,  or any 
		other high-powered WINDOWS database. Want Pie Charts or Bar Charts 
		from your data?
	-NCQA and JCAHO Compliant.
	-Runs AS IS on Networks, Stand-Alone PC's, Lap-Tops, Hand-Helds.
	-NEW: Automatic Plan of Treatment Generator!
	-NEW: Automatic Nursing Notes Generation!
	-NEW: Automatic Patient Education Medical or Therapy Monographs!
	-It's Afforadable, Customizable, easy to learn and easy to use!

For more information, please see our WWW site below; check out the flow-chart
and sample screens for a typical HICAP installation. Please don't hesitate to
call for a copy of our literature, or for more information, and thanks for
taking the time to read this.

Sincerely, H. Lee Brody
Genesis Software Inc.

     Genesis Software Inc - Clinical Outcome Data Software

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