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Tim Cutts timc at chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk
Mon Apr 15 01:30:48 EST 1996

In article <4krthn$f1q at vivanews.vivanet.com>,
R. VonBuskirk <vonbuskr at vivanet.com> wrote:
>Im trying to find a software program that will:
>	1.  start a program at a specific time
>	2.  Run the program for a specific time
>	3.  Close the program
>Does anyone have any Ideas???

Well, you don't say what operating system you are using, but your
posting was from WinVN so I will assume you want Windows solutions:

Windows 3.1:

There are various cron versions for Windows 3.1.  I haven't tried
these.  Search for 'cron' at http://www.winsite.com

Windows 95:

Has the ability to run things at a certain time if you also buy the
Plus! pack.

Windows NT:

This is the best solution; NT comes with the 'at' program which does
exactly what you want.  It is also the only one of these three OS's
that I would trust enough to leave booted for days on end.

Actually, none of these solutions do 'exactly' what you want, because
I don't think any of them will kill the program at a specified time,
they'll only start it.


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