SAMBA: dedicated machine for speeding up the sequence comparison

Dominique Lavenier lavenier at irisa.fr
Mon Apr 15 10:52:41 EST 1996

SAMBA: Systolic Accelerator for Molecular Biological Applications

SAMBA is a full custom systolic array dedicated to the comparison of
biological sequences. This hardware accelerator implements a
parameterized version of the Smith and Waterman algorithm allowing the
computation of local or global alignments with or without gap
penalty. The speed-up provided by SAMBA over standard workstations
ranges from 50 to 500, depending on the application.

A prototype of 128 processors, designed in the API
team, is currently running at IRISA (http://www.irisa.fr/)

For improving SAMBA, we are interested in testing significant time
consumming sequence comparison applications. 
Please contact  Dominique Lavenier (lavenier at irisa.fr)
SAMBA Web page : http://www.irisa.fr/EXTERNE/projet/api/SAMBA/

D. Lavenier

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