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Thu Apr 11 16:53:30 EST 1996


I'd also like to see this discussion stop, but I can't resist putting
in my own two cents :-)

It is possible that the original poster of the message in question made
up the name and is really from cloneworks.  Deplorable behavior if

I noticed, however, that in the original message he referred to himself
as a post doc.  If THIS is true, then the fact that he doesn't seem to
exist in his university phonebook is not surprising.  Try finding any
of the post docs you know at UCSF, Davis or Stanford through their
University phone books and you'll see what I mean.  Post docs are treated
as non-existant by many universities:  They are not registered (like
students), they aren't on payroll (like staff and faculty), thus they
don't exist.

The non-existent email address is another problem, but since the message
was posted from another system (apparently a public access ISP) it
COULD be a typo.  And if this person really is a post doc, then they
probably have better things to do than getting entangled in this
thread, I know I do :-)


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