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Wed Apr 10 21:03:40 EST 1996

R. Scott Jokerst (scott_jokerst at data-transport.com) wrote:
: Just my two unsolicited cents, but I do fail to see how one concludes that
: an email domain with electriciti.com leads to the conclusion that John
: Collins works for CloneWorks.

: electriciti.com is an internet access provider in the San Diego area.  I
: have seen several individuals associated with it who have nothing to do
: with CloneWorks.

I think the point that I was trying to make is that the email address was 
either removed in the two days between the post being made and my 
checking it, or the possibility exists that it was a non-existant address 
fabricated for the purposes of hyping software in a newsgroup which is 
meant to be for discussion about 'things biosoftware'. 

Look, I really didn't want to hammer this one home because any young, 
enterprising software outfit needs to get some support and have some 
room, even if they do make mistakes. But it wasn't just the last post; 
from a previous 'unsolicited testimonial' about CloneWorks in this 
newsgroup, you can find this one in the Bionet archives:

> From: Paul Morcos <paulm at ucla.edu>
> Newsgroups: bionet.software 
> Subject:Re: CloneWorks 
> Date: Mon, 01 Apr 1996 20:03:18 -0800 
> Organization:University of California, Los Angeles 
> Lines: 27 
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> Richard Brady wrote:  Thanks for the post R.B., We downloaded CloneWorks 
> this morning (all 1.4 megs) and thought it was awesome!  I like the fact 
> that they don't over analyze and they spend more time on generating 
> primers and helping you clone.  I've never seen a cloning package like 
> this.  We called this morning and since we have PC gene it only costs 
> $795.  It's the fastest decision my boss ever made! 
>                        Thanks,
>                         P.M. 
>                        U.C.L.A.  
> p.s. I didn't remember the web site, but
> i found it by searching for Cloneworks using netscape's net search. 

The signature of 'PM' refers to the sender of this post, given as:
"From: Paul Morcos <paulm at ucla.edu>". 
A campus search at the UCLA Web site shows up two people called Morcos, 
though none with this email address or first name.

A 'whois' Internic database search shows that the contact (ie 'owner')
of the the internet domain 'Cloneworks.com' is a Dr. Paul Morcos.

The poster is apparently reticent about making a direct statement regarding 
the internet address of Cloneworks (he doesn't even know the address of his 
own domain??!!). 

Yes, I agree that it could be pure coincidence that:

1) The posts regarding CloneWorks sound they were written by total pricks
   ("it was awesome!" ??!! Sounds more like a 16 year old describing a 
   'Thrashing Pumpkins' concert than a Postdoc describing sequence 
   analysis software; "It's the fastest decision my boss ever made!", 
   again sounds more like an outsiders impression of what goes in a DNA 
   lab ).

2) Posts are being made about the product from non-existant email 
   addresses, whose host domain coincides with that of CloneWorks.

3) posts are being made by people with exactly the same name as the 
   person who runs the domain Cloneworks.com.

Yes, coming to think of it, I am wrong.

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