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Just my two unsolicited cents, but I do fail to see how one concludes that
an email domain with electriciti.com leads to the conclusion that John
Collins works for CloneWorks.

electriciti.com is an internet access provider in the San Diego area.  I
have seen several individuals associated with it who have nothing to do
with CloneWorks.



At 11:14 AM 4/10/96, Harry Mangalam wrote:
>Good work.  I verify this.  Looks like a spoofed advert to me.  If not,
>could we have a reply from the mysterious John Collins, with a real
>email/phone number AND suitable disclaimer?
>I'm just about to test this program but if this is what they have to stoop
>to, perhaps the program will not stand on it's own.
>Disclaimer:  I do not work for Cloneworks, and if I did, I wouldn't be
>anymore B).
>> eg. CloneWorks is a virtual domain hosted at Electriciti.com, ie the same
>> internet address indicated as the host address of 'John Collins'. A check
>> through to the UCSD web server fails to show a listing for a 'John Collins')
>> I thought that it was against Bionet regulations for companies to post
>> directly here?
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