Harry Mangalam mangalam at uci.edu
Wed Apr 10 20:06:11 EST 1996

Not at all - just that it seemed an unusually strong recommendation 
AND his email is bogus 
AND UCSD phonebook doesn't list him (and it's usually pretty good) 
AND it's odd that he used a non-'ucsd.edu' account 
AND he hasn't replied (to this point anyway) 
AND I was getting bombarded with fax and phone messages from Cloneworks
trying to drum up $.  

I've nothing against them advert'ing on newsgroups as a matter of fact,
but I really can't abide this kind of sneakiness, if that's what it is. 
If it turns out that it's above-board, I'll be happy to apologize.


In article <ad9203c2090210047ec1@[]>,
scott_jokerst at data-transport.com (R. Scott Jokerst) wrote:

> Just my two unsolicited cents, but I do fail to see how one concludes that
> an email domain with electriciti.com leads to the conclusion that John
> Collins works for CloneWorks.
> electriciti.com is an internet access provider in the San Diego area.  I
> have seen several individuals associated with it who have nothing to do
> with CloneWorks.
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