NIH grant templates for Mac Word 5 and Excel available

Dennis Templeton djt2 at po.cwru.edu
Tue Apr 9 23:45:37 EST 1996

Mac users preparing for the upcoming NIH grant cycle will want to check
out our templates for the PHS 398 application form.

They are available at: 

There are pointers on our page to archives at SUMEX-AIM and IUBio.

While you are there, please check out our post-doctoral position that is
available in signal transduction.

These forms are updates of the templates I distributed in 1991, which were
modifications of some done by others. I have incorporated the changes for
the revised PHS398 application, dated 5/95, for use after 1/1/96. I don't
have the non-comp or the NRSA forms yet. If you make them send them along
to me at djt2 at po.cwru.edu and I'll post them.

The templates are in Word 5 and Excel 4 format. I have not, and do not
intend to update them to Word 6 or Excel 5 format. 

The documents are in Stationary form for your own protection. PLEASE COPY
are linked (the 5 year automatically updates when the 1 year is modified)
and separated files will be frustrated. Note that in most cases salaries
and raw data get input in the non-printing part of the sheet, to the

<Rant mode ON>

By the way, I do not have similar sheets for those attached to the
Micro$oft umbilicus. These may translate well to MS Word4Win, but there
are no guarantees. 
Almost all of the Emails for help I get are from PC users who expect me to
have PC-based templates.  I do not. Do not ask me where to get them.  You
can probably find some by querying a web indexer with "NIH grant templates
PC". Don't expect the results on a PC to be as nice as the Mac templates.

<Rant mode OFF>

Best of luck with your proposals.

Dennis Templeton
Institute of Pathology
CWRU School of Medicine
djt2 at po.cwru.edu

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