Dr.Greg Quinn jquinn at nntp.best.com
Tue Apr 9 12:54:28 EST 1996

John Collins/UCSD (johnC at electriciti.com) wrote:

: My lab and I have checked out CloneWorks.  It's really great for those of you 
: who want to keep track of your constructs.  I found the primer tools to be 
: better than anything I've seen yet.  The version I downloaded from their site 
: (www.cloneworks.com/anteater) was a beta, and they emailed me that it would be 
: available next week.  I noticed that I couldn't edit a molecules sequence 
: easily...but I can see a tool for molecule editing that is greyed out.  If 
: they do as good a job on that one as the rest of the tools...it should be a 
: very nice addition to all of us doing mol. bio.
:                       Just thought you should have my opinion :)
:                              John Collins,
:                                  post-doc

Well, this is a bit strange; 'johnC at electriciti.com' is a non-existant email 
address (a direct connection to their email server, and also bounced 
email indicates this). A check on 'cloneworks .com' using 'whois' shows:

Anteater Software Inc. (CLONEWORKS-DOM)
   12442 Stanwood Place
   Los Angeles, CA 90066

   Domain Name: CLONEWORKS.COM

   Administrative Contact: 
      Morocs, Dr. Paul (DPM6) clone at ELECTRICITI.COM
      310 937 8873
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact: 
      Staff, Domain Registration (DRS16) domain at ELECTRICITI.COM
      (619)-338-9000 ext 19

   Record last updated on 17-Jan-96. 
   Record created on 17-Jan-96. 

   Domain servers in listed order: 


eg. CloneWorks is a virtual domain hosted at Electriciti.com, ie the same 
internet address indicated as the host address of 'John Collins'. A check 
through to the UCSD web server fails to show a listing for a 'John Collins')

I thought that it was against Bionet regulations for companies to post 
directly here? 

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