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Dave Love d.love at dl.ac.uk
Tue Apr 9 12:24:28 EST 1996

>>>>> On Fri, 5 Apr 1996 17:34:01 -0600, "Ross J. Reedstrom" <ross at repressor.pharmacy.wisc.edu> said:

 Ross> On 5 Apr 1996, James McIninch wrote:

 >> : Indeed.  Gcc is, anyway, a commercial product.
 >> It is not. As a matter of fact, the GNU public license under which the GCC
 >> compiler is distributed expressly prohibits the sale of GCC (I believe
 >> that the license permits distributors to charge $3.00 above the actual
 >> media cost as a copying fee).

[Correct response elided.]  The Free Software Foundation itself sells GCC.

 Ross> The original comment about commercial product perhaps refers to
 Ross> Cygnus Software,

[Cygnus *Support*,] in particular, but not only them.

 Ross> who sell GCC and offer support to their customers.  Essentially,
 Ross> they sell support.

Yes.  http://www.cygnus.com and the GCC `SERVICE' file.

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