Label Printing Softwar

Joe McMahon jmcmahon at bright.net
Mon Apr 8 08:58:54 EST 1996

On 4 Apr 1996 12:07:04 GMT, Karl Kansen <karl_hansen at microdata.co.za>

>Anyone know where I can find above.  Robin Computers in Sandton, Hide park Corner marketed something like that.
>Where can I fin them?
THere are a lot of good label makers around. SOme are shareware and
some are not. I don't have my list handy, but if you haven't had any
luck, E-Mail me  (jmcmahon at bright.net), and I'll get you some names.
Some of the new word processors have pretty sophisticated label
capacity. I use Winword 7.0 and it supports a complete series of Avery
Labels as well as other brands.


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