MOLGEN (& slurs about Artificial Intelligence)

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Fri Apr 5 12:28:18 EST 1996

In article <gerard-0304962354090001 at nostromo.bmc.uu.se> gerard at xray.bmc.uu.se (Gerard Kleywegt) writes:

>> hmm, a couple of years ago i threw away all my aritificial intelligence-
>> related papers ;-)

Such cynicism, Gerard ;)
Actually Mitch Lewis and Geoff Chang at the University of Pennsylvania have
done some interesting stuff with the Genetic Algorithm and its application
to crystallographic searches (see in particular the methods used to solve
the Lac repressor structure recently published in Science).

My personal tinkerings with GA have indicated some impressive search 
speed-ups, but I remain forever nervous about algorithms driven by
random number generators and I think I'd prefer just to buy a faster 
computer and do it the hard (systematic) way ;)

I'm not sure I believe that GA can do anything that conventional methods
cannot, in the Macromolecular Crystallography field.

Just my 2c
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