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>?> I am putting together a list of topics I want to present
>?> in a seminary called "`Informatik in der Molekularbiologie"'
>?> (german translation of "`Molecular Bioinformatics"' or
>?> "`Computing for Molecular Biology"').
>?> Among the topics I have found to be interesting there is
>?> a program called MOLGEN by M. Stefik (see for example

>i seem to remember vaguely that molgen was actually marketed commercially,
>probably by IntelliGenetics (which, i further seem to remember, was bought
>up by another company a few years ago); whether or not it was a success
>i don't know - maybe a web or literature search will help you further

I worked previously for IntelliGenetics (no longer have any
affiliation there) and do know that the MOLGEN software was the
precursor for the "IG Suite" of Sun and VAX molbiol programs which was
IG's first product line in the 80s.  If you want the early history of
MOLGEN, you can probably get this from Doug Brutlag at Stanford
(brutlag at cmgm.stanford.edu).


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