Paul Morcos paulm at ucla.edu
Mon Apr 1 23:03:18 EST 1996

Richard Brady wrote:
Thanks for the post R.B.,  We downloaded CloneWorks this morning (all 
1.4 megs) and thought it was awesome!  I like the fact that they don't 
over analyze and they spend more time on generating primers and helping 
you clone.  I've never seen a cloning package like this.  We called this 
morning and since we have PC gene it only costs $795.  It's the fastest 
decision my boss ever made!
p.s. I didn't remember the web site, but i found it by searching for 
Cloneworks using netscape's net search.

> Netters,
> Would appreciate any information on commercial or freeware software
> that can be used for cloning and primer design-analysis.  Am trying to
> find something that works well, is intuitive and under a thousand
> bucks.  CloneWorks by Anteater Software looks good
> (http://www.cloneworks.com/anteater).  Would like to download eval
> and/or demos for similar packages.  Suggestions, URLs, would be
> appreciated.
> R.B.

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