how to find out structure of protein-folding?

Andrew Martin martin at bsm.bioc.ucl.ac.uk
Tue Sep 26 04:10:16 EST 1995

Arne Mueller (amuelle3 at gwdu19.gwdg.de) wrote:
: Hello,

: I want to produce some images with molscript, so I need to know wich residues
: of a protein are involved in helix, turn or sheet. Most pdb-files don't have
: any direct information about this, so I need a tool that finds out where these
: structures are. 

: If you know souch a software, plase send me a mail.

: thanks,

: 	Arne

You can use the DSSP program from Kabsch and Sander (Look on Chris Sander's
WWW page at www.embl-heidelberg.de).

Alternatively and much easier, get a copy of Rasmol off the net. This has
a simple version of DSSP built in and will write Molscript input files
for you wil all the secondary structure records done. You can then
hand tune them (to add colouring etc.).


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