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In article <445r8g$5ga at sun1000.ci.pwr.wroc.pl>,
Anna Gaszewska<gaszew at immuno.pan.wroc.pl> wrote:
>I'm looking for some information about Neighbor-joining method from
>Phylip program.
>I have problems with making trees useing this method. They are not the
>best one, I think. If someone knows how to use Phylip to do the best
>tree, please reply.

I'm not sure I know how to do this with PHYLIP or with any other package.
I too find that Neighbor-Joining trees are not always the best ones.  But
the same is also true for every other method. 

Do you mean that you have evidence that we are not correctly implementing
the Neighbor-Joining method?  Or did you just mean that the trees NEIGHBOR
gets might not always be true?  If so, I think you will be disappointed in
your search for a flawless method.

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