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> If you use and have experience with JMP software, please contact me. I
> would like to know how suitable is JMP for statistical analyses in 
> biology/behavioral science before I will purchase it.
> Thank you.
> Josef Kren
> University of Nebraska Lincoln
> jkren at unlinfo.unl.edu

I use JMP.  It's extremely powerful, but it's also somewhat difficult
to use.  It has most of the features of full blown SAS, but in a Mac
format.  The user interface is terrible, and appears to have been 
programmed by someone who never used a Mac before.  There are easier
to use packages (e.g., StatView) but I need to do MANOVA, so it's
really just JMP or Statistica.  If you are pretty familiar with 
statistics, JMP is not bad.  If you don't need multivariate analysis,
you might want to look at a less powerful product, though.  Oh,
and the graphs made by JMP are not journal quality (actually, 
they're very bad) so after the analysis, you almost always have to
paste the graph into Canvas and edit it there.

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