Request: Suggestions for restriction site analysis prog (pc)

mm you at somehost.somedomain
Wed Sep 20 09:59:32 EST 1995

Currently I'm developing a pc/windows based restriction site analysis program. 
Besides normal search routines and routines enabling searching with different 
subsets of restriction enzymes (N-Cutters, blunt, '5 overhanging). Search 
results can be retrieved in table or linear format and as linear/circular 

The program also include features as finding mismatch primers for mutational 
screening, designing mutagenic primers for single/multiple codon subtitutions 
with respect to site generation/deletion, sites comparison of two sequences, 
-simple- consensus searching on sequence data and searching for a sequence in 
another sequence.

Another feature will be to search for conditions that allow in frame ligation 
(e.g silent mutagenesis/compatible cohesive ends/filled '5 overhang).

I would like to extend these features, especially with respect to cloning 

I would appreciate it a lot if you could send me suggestions for additional 
features. If they are good and used in my program you will receive a free 
registered copy of it as soon as it is released.
(also: if you happen to have some experience in winsock programming e.g 
automated access and FTP (GenBank etc.) and are willing to share this please 
contact me.

Thanks in advance,

Niels Groot marker at xs4all.nl  Amsterdam   the Netherlands

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