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Try the ftp sites at:

fly.bio.indiana.edu in the /molbio/mac directory (file is macligand.hqx)

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(Mike Kennedy) writes:>From: kennedym at mayo.edu (Mike Kennedy)
>Subject: MacLigand
>Date: 14 Sep 1995 18:36:35 GMT

>Fellow researchers:
>I recently wrote a letter to Peter Munson at NIH requesting a copy of the
>MacLigand program.  I just received a reply from on e of his associates,
>Arnold Cushing, indicating that Dr. Munson is no longer in the business of
>supporting MacLigand.  Furthermore, Mac Ligand, developed with taxpayer
>dollars at NIH, is no longer available free of charge.  In fact, the price
>is $249, with the check payable to Mr Cushing.  Since I don't feel like
>shelling out $249 for a program that was formerly free, could someone post
>a site where MacLigand is available? Thanks a bunch,

>Mike Kennedy
>Dept. Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
>Mayo Foundation
>(kennedym at mayo.edu)   "See this quarter?  It used to be a nickel!"

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