Mike Kennedy kennedym at mayo.edu
Thu Sep 14 13:36:35 EST 1995

Fellow researchers:
I recently wrote a letter to Peter Munson at NIH requesting a copy of the
MacLigand program.  I just received a reply from on e of his associates,
Arnold Cushing, indicating that Dr. Munson is no longer in the business of
supporting MacLigand.  Furthermore, Mac Ligand, developed with taxpayer
dollars at NIH, is no longer available free of charge.  In fact, the price
is $249, with the check payable to Mr Cushing.  Since I don't feel like
shelling out $249 for a program that was formerly free, could someone post
a site where MacLigand is available? Thanks a bunch,

Mike Kennedy
Dept. Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Mayo Foundation
(kennedym at mayo.edu)   "See this quarter?  It used to be a nickel!"

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