Papyrus distributor in Europe

Raymond Dalgleish ray at le.ac.uk
Wed Sep 13 02:50:49 EST 1995

tiedtke at vnwz00.uni-muenster.de (Uwe Baumert) wrote:
>I'm looking for an European distributor of Papyrus. This reference
>managing software is distributed in the USA by Research Software Design
>(RSD). Is a demo available on the net?
As far as I know, the only way to get Papyrus is through RSD. Don't let that put
you off. Their service is excellent and the product represents superb value for money.

There is no demo available on the net because RSD believes that you really need
access to the manuals to get the most out of it. They do sell a demo version the cost
of which is refunded if you buy the full product.

I've included a copy of RSD's current status report below.

Usual disclaimers apply

Raymond Dalgleish


                  PAPYRUS Status Report - September 1995

Thanks for asking about the current status of PAPYRUS.

The current version is 7.0.11d. This is still a DOS version.

Supported word processors now include Word for Windows 6.0, WordPerfect
for Windows 6.1, Ami Pro 3.0, Word for DOS 6.0, WordPerfect for DOS 6.0,
as well as the previously-supported versions of Word, WordPerfect,
WordStar, ChiWriter, XyWrite, etc.

We have also updated many import formats (a never-ending job, as each of
the database vendors frequently makes changes to the format of their


If you are a registered user of PAPYRUS 7.0.x, you may obtain an update
to the current version for $10. Outside of the U.S., Canada, or Mexico
please add $5 to cover air mail costs.

Payment must be in U.S. funds. We cannot process credit card orders at
this time, so payment must be in the form of an international Money
Order, or a check drawn on a U.S. bank. Institutional Purchase Orders are
also fine.

PAPYRUS 7.0 can be run under Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11 for Workgroups, or
Windows 95. We have not tested it under Windows NT, but customers have
reported to us that it seems to work just fine. PAPYRUS still requires
about 470K of conventional memory, which can sometimes be a problem for
computers with a lot of memory-resident utilities, including network
driver software. In most cases this can be handled by running the
MEMMAKER program that comes with DOS 6.x. If that fails, then usually you
can free up enough conventional memory by using a third-party memory
manager such as QuarterDeck's QEMM.

PAPYRUS can be run under OS/2, including OS/2 for Windows. We have spent
a very large number of hours trying to obtain some information from IBM
to allow PAPYRUS to access the OS/2 clipboard in the same way that it
currently accesses the Windows clipboard. That information has not been
forthcoming, so for the moment we have no plans for direct support for
the OS/2 clipboard. However, the current version of PAPYRUS is now able
to use a disk file in place of the clipboard, so you can use that file to
shuttle text between PAPYRUS and your word processor -- with a little
word processor macro this becomes almost as convenient as using the OS/2
clipboard. (This also works for Windows NT.)

Customers have reported to us that PAPYRUS runs acceptably under Soft-PC
or other DOS-emulator programs running on UNIX systems or PowerMacs. (On
a traditional Mac, Soft-PC runs PAPYRUS rather slowly.)

We are currently completing work on the Macintosh edition of PAPYRUS. An
early version is currently in preliminary testing by a few customers. We
hope to have a beta version for more widespread testing late in 1995,
with the final release a few months later.

When the Mac version is actually ready, we will notify all of our current
customers. We have not worked out the details yet, but there will be a
special discount for existing PAPYRUS users.

After we have released the Macintosh version of PAPYRUS we will turn to a
full Windows implementation. We cannot yet estimate when this full
Windows version of PAPYRUS will be available.


We have recently changed our e-mail address to info at rsd.com. We now have
our own ftp-space, where we will post the current versions of our
IMPORT.FLB format library, the PAPYRUS Retriever program, and
miscellaneous other things.

Connect via anonymous ftp to:


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