Educational Medical Software wanted

Carla Pessolano 74774.3442 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Sep 12 08:31:07 EST 1995

>I'm trying to locate publishers and sources for software designed 
>to helpeducate medical procedures. 

>I'm not looking for reference books on CD-ROM, rather software 
>which supplements training. I'm wondering whether or not there is 
>any "virtual reality" software out there that simulates medical 

You might want to try A.D.A.M. Software, they have an O.R. feature 
in their Comprehensive software package but, you might be more 
interested in the Studio package that allows you to create your own 
content based on the anatomy images within Comprehensive.

They also have two animation books that have animation of some 
common procedure in the fields of OB/GYN and Ortho of the lower 
limbs. I've heard that some of the animation may be a little dated 
because they were produced over a year ago.

The general information number is 800-755-2326. And there is a new 
home page on the web; try www.adam.com.

Carla P.

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