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                        announces a
                       SPECIAL ISSUE
                     scheduled for 1996

                  IN THE NATURAL SCIENCES

The OLD deadline was 1 OCT 1995. The NEW DEADLINE is 1 NOV 1995.
All submissions welcomed.   This is a good opportunity to publish
the computational details of models that other journals tend to
curtail.  More details below.

Contact: Jim Haefner:  jim at anolis.bnr.usu.edu

Virtually all traditional disciplines in the natural sciences 
(physics, chemistry, biology, environmental sciences) use computer
simulation and numerical analysis in the development of theories 
and models.  Most of these applications are computationally hard, 
requiring the use of high-performance computer hardware and 
software.  New algorithms and simulation techniques have been 
developed in the separate sub-disciplines that are not communicated
effectively to colleqgues in other areas of science.

This special issue is being planned to report the results of 
state-of-the-art research on new simulation techniques applicable 
to the natural sciences.  This is an opportunity for modelers in 
the physical and biological sciences to relate details of their 
computational approaches to a diverse audience of simulation 
specialists for the purpose of cross-fertilization.  Specific 
topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

o  Object-oriented simulation applied to continuous system 
o  New algorithms and simulation techniques applied to
   particle-based and Lagrangian systems
o  Genetic algorithms and evolutionary programming approaches
   to simulation in the physcial and biological sciences
o  New approaches to simulation and model visualization, 
   analysis, and performance evaluation
o  Innovative approaches to parallel and distributed simulation
   of continuous and particle-based systems

Prospective authors are invited to submit five copies of 
previously unpublished, archival-quality research contributions
by *1 Nov 1996* (new deadline) to 

Dr. James W. Haefner, Guest Editor    
Department of Biology                 
Utah State University                 
Logan, UT 84322-5305                  

Email: jim at anolis.bnr.usu.edu         
Phone: 801-797-3553                   
FAX:   801-797-1575


International Journal in Computer Simulation was established in
1989 and is published quarterly by Ablex Publishing Corporation
(Norwood NJ).  It welcomes papers concerning any area of computer
simulation used in industry, military, engineering or the natural


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