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Below you will find a press release from the Northern Prairie Science
Center of the National Biological Service concerning their new WWW
site at  

We feel this might be of interest to the members of this group. Please
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PRESS RELEASE (September 8, 1995)

The Northern Prairie Science Center today announced a World Wide Web
home page that offers a variety of information on
the biotic resources of the Great Plains. Currently 25 information
resources can easily be browsed, ranging from the distribution
of breeding birds in North Dakota, to the predators of the Prairie
Pothole Region, to a glossary of terms used in ornithology.
The effort is intended to make information that has already been
gathered more widely accessible to resource managers,
scientists, educators, and the public.

By connecting to http://www.npsc.nbs.gov/ [Note: this address will
become operational in mid September; until then the home
page can be accessed at], one can examine
distributional maps of butterflies, view photographs of
reptiles and amphibians, find out which birds live in North Dakota,
survey literature on grassland birds, learn about prairie
wildflowers, obtain a waterfowl population model, and much more.
Visitors to the home page can view, and print if desired,
more than 4000 maps showing distribution patterns of animals.

The home page was developed in cooperation with the University of
North Dakota, North Dakota State University, Minot
State University, North Dakota Natural Heritage Program, Illinois
Endangered Species Protection Board, North Dakota Game
and Fish Department, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, North
Dakota Herpetological Society, U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service, National Biological Service, and other contributors.
The initial emphasis of the home page is on North
Dakota, but information from elsewhere in the Great Plains is
included, with more being added regularly.

For information about the home page, contact Terry Shaffer. To suggest
other sources of information to include, contact
Douglas H. Johnson. Both are at the Northern Prairie Science Center,
Jamestown, North Dakota. Phone: 701-252-5363, fax:
701-252-4217. Email addresses are Terry_Shaffer at nbs.gov and
Douglas_H_Johnson at nbs.gov. 

Distribution Data
     Breeding Birds of North Dakota 
     Breeding Bird Ranges of North America
     Butterflies of North Dakota
     Butterflies of North America 
     Earthworms of North Dakota
     Mammals of Southwestern North Dakota
     Mollusks of North Dakota 
     Moths of the United States 
     Predators that Affect Duck Production -- Prairie Pothole Region
     Reptiles and Amphibians of North Dakota
     Reptiles and Amphibians of Southwestern North Dakota
     Waterfowl Breeding Pairs in the Dakotas and Montana 
Other Biological Data
     Duck Nesting in the Northern Great Plains 
     Native Wildflowers of the North Dakota Grasslands 
     Northern Prairie Science Center Herbarium Holdings 
     Revised Checklist of North Dakota Birds 
Literature and Bibliographies
     Search the Northern Prairie Publications Database 
     Bibliography of Fire Effects and Related Literature 
     Glossary of Terms used in Avian Conservation Biology 
     Grassland Mgmt and Restoration for Breeding Birds: Bibliography
Tools and Software
     Collecting and Analyzing Data from Duck Nesting Studies 
     DualData -- A Double Entry Program 
     Mallard Model Software 
     Prefer -- Resource Selection Software 

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