image->x,y coordinates

Kalman Rubinson rubinsnk at is2.nyu.edu
Fri Sep 8 15:04:13 EST 1995

Michael Morales (mmorales at acpub.duke.edu) wrote:
: I'm looking for a program that can take a line image (in TIFF or some
: common format) and convert it to XY coordinates for loading into a graphics or 
: spreadsheet program.  I prefer windows, but could get along fine with DOS.  
: Shareware or something in the public domain would be great.

There are several but I know of no shareware or pd versions.
DigiMatic and UN-Scan-It work well with simple graph or 1-bit images.

.PCX-to-XY works under windows with PCX images which can be easily 
obtained from your tif files.

The best (and most expensive) is R2V which efficiently delivers xy 
coordinates of complex color or gray scale tif images. (Educational price 
is $960).

All four will provide demos.


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