signifigance for inbreeding coeffs.

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> If you use the formula 1 - Observed Heterozygosity / Expected
> Heterozygosity to give a measure of inbreeding, where a positive value
> indicates an inbreeding  system of mating and a negative value indicates a
> mating system where inbreeding is avoided how can you quote a significance
> vaule when comparing the inbreeding coefficients from two different
> populations.
> Which translates into:
> Does anybody out there know how to get a signicance interval for a ratio
> ??
> Yours in confusion

Some years ago I wrote a paper with a list of *F* values (defined as above)
and their standard errors. I found a formula for the latter in SPIESS, EB:
"Genes in populations" (J. Wiley, 1977) on page 270. I don't have that book
in my hand anymore, but I remember a complicated equation, written in the
body of a footnote quoting a paper by Rassmundsen. Good look!

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