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In article <42eme7$o31 at crocus.csv.warwick.ac.uk>, Chris Hodgson wrote:

> I have been searching FTP sites, Newsgroups and Web Servers for a 
> shareware program that will plot bar graphs, line plots etc using
> sensible markers (tirnagles, squares etc) which are seen commonly 
> in major journal articles at publication. Error bar addition would
> be very useful - as would be annotation.
> Does anyone know where I can obtain such a program - or a demo
> and registration form for full version ? My platform is MS Windows
> and ideally the software should permit cut and paste of scalable
> WMF images and NOT bitmaps.

You should try GNUPLOT. It's great and it's free. It can do everything 
you described. It's basically command line driven but the Windows version 
also has simple menus. You can download it from many site. The latest 
full version is 3.5, you can find it e.g. on


There are also newsgroups for users: comp.graphics.apps.gnuplot and 

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