FASTA20u3 available

Bill Pearson wrp at avery.med.Virginia.EDU
Thu Sep 7 18:59:33 EST 1995

A "unified" version of FASTA - fasta20u3.shar(.Z) - is now available
from ftp.virginia.edu in the directory pub/fasta (/dos,/mac). This
version replaces fasta20x3 and a version of fasta20u3 uploaded
yesterday. (Earlier versions had a problem with ssearch saving

This version of FASTA compiles in the Unix, DOS/BorlandC4.51, and
Mac/MetrowerksC environments without any changes to the source code.
(DOS and Mac versions are available in the fasta/dos and fasta/mac
subdirectories, respectively.)  It is my hope that future versions and
bug fixes for FASTA will be available on all three platforms - unix,
DOS, and Mac - essentially simultaneously.  The DOS version includes
32-bit versions of the programs for Win95/WinNT, while the Mac version
includes separate 68K and PPC-native versions for the library
searching programs.

As always, please send me email if you find bugs in the programs.

Bill Pearson
wrp at virginia.EDU
Dept. of Biochemistry #440
U. of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22908

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