Non-linear regression software for Macintosh?

brasselp at cadvision.com brasselp at cadvision.com
Fri Sep 8 00:48:36 EST 1995

In <42jh72$184k at columba.udac.uu.se>, Magnus Engwall <Magnus.Engwall at etox.uu.se> writes:
>Do anyone know of any software (shareware or commercial) for the
>Macintosh, which performs non-linear regression calculations?
>I need it to fit sigmoid curves to concentration-response data.
>Please mail me if you have any suggestions.
>Magnus.Engwall at Etox.uu.se

Magnus, I have not been a Mac user for some time now ( appologies ! ) but 
approx. ten years ago, there used to be an application called Cricket Graph that
even then, was capable of significantly advanced data analysis including, I think,
regressional analysis of curved data sets etc. Possiblities ?
Peter, Calgary

P.S., if you ever come across any similar apps. for native OS/2, I'd love to hear
from you !

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