Need Base Count software for Mac

Dave Carmean carmean at sfu.ca
Tue Sep 5 23:45:55 EST 1995

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(Robert Rumpf) writes:
> >We need a program that will tell us the GC content (in percent) of a
> >sequence...I downloaded GATCcount from IUBIO but it won't run on our Macs
> >(we're using system 7.5).  Any ideas?  TIA...
> >
> This is pretty crude, but if you only need to do this once and a while you
> can carry out the calculation with just about any word processor. 
> 1.  Edit out all the comments and numbers on a COPY of the file.
> 2.  Make two copies from that: GC, AT
> 3.  On GC,
>     global search and replace "A"->nothing
>     global search and replace "T"->nothing  (additional deleted)

With Microsoft word, just replace A with A (etc) and look at the bottom
left hand corner of the window for how many replacements it made. 

However, I recommend:

Seqspeak 1.0 will figure base compositions as well read your sequences
back to you (with many options as to speed, etc).  It has some bugs so if
you want to use it more extensively write me for a help sheet.  It is
freeware and available from ftp.bio.indiana.edu via fetch, ftp, gopher or
www (thanks to Don Gilbert!).

Dave Carmean
carmean at sfu.ca

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