Matt Parker at332 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Wed Sep 6 15:18:05 EST 1995

Laura Walsh (lwalsh at aries.scs.uiuc.edu) writes:
> Is there any place where I can get a COMPILED version of RasMol 
> for the Mac?  We do not have a C compiler for our Macs.
> Laura Walsh
> -- 
> Laura Lynn Walsh, School of Chemical Sciences Computer Center, 
> Box 66-1, 153 Noyes Lab, 505 South Mathews Ave., 
> University of Illinois, Urbana, IL  61801-3364
> lwalsh at aries.scs.uiuc.edu       (217) 333-1728

	I'm not sure about the Mac version, but I know that the DOS
version which is available from the site in the UK IS already compiled, in
spite of what the instructions say. Try downloading it and see if it runs.


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