PC 3D viewer software for PDB data?

Simone Botti simone at sgjs4.weizmann.ac.il
Tue Oct 31 08:14:20 EST 1995

Dear Bionet Newsgroup,
My associate Clifford Felder provided me an answer to your problem, how
to find specific entries on the PDB:

First of all, you should run a WorldWideWeb browser application such as
Netscape, and point it to the PDB's home URL at http://www.pdb.bnl.gov .

Inside this page, you should look for an item called the 'PDB Browser',
and select it. Once in the browser, you can select for specific entries
by entering data into various windows according to data type: Author
names, compound name, source, heterogen groups, etc. Once a listing of
entries satisfying your search requirements is returned, you can select
any one of them, and retrieve a listing of the entry. Options exist to
retrieve the full entry including coordinates, and to display the
picture in application Rasmol (if you have configured mime-type /chem-x
to Rasmol in your .mailcaps file). (Rasmol itself can be downloaded from
the main PDB page, via its gopher or ftp archives.)

A listing of remote sites officially affiliated with the PDB is given in
the end of their latest newsletter, also down-loadable from their home

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