[Q] Molscript Postscript problem: Printers stuck

R.Doelz,Biocomputing Basel;+41 61 267 22 47 doelz at ubaclu.unibas.ch
Tue Oct 31 12:10:39 EST 1995

Dear colleagues, 

We run Molscript 1.4 on a DEC 1152 printer and encounter problems
to print once a single plot has completed - the postscript 
output will block the printer for further requests. 

Hardware configuration - UNIX: 
'lp' on a SGI printing directly via serial connection. 
'lpr' on a HP5 Laserjet attached to a Lantronix printserver via network.

The problem does *not* occur after copying the output to a VAX and running 
it from VMS through Digital's print queueing system on a Turbo LPS20. 

Again, the postscript file is *fine*, the output is *fine*, but 
afterwards the printer is blocked. 

Suggestions, specifically, solutions, are most appreciated. 

Reinhard Doelz

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