Enzyme kinetics software for Windows

Martin Pion mpion at ARTSCI.WUSTL.EDU
Sat Oct 28 23:38:38 EST 1995

Dear Jesse,

I noticed the following posting and would like to respond. A demo. of the
latest version of Fig.P for Windows (DOS also available) can be obtained
from Biosoft's new Home Page at:


Alternatively, if you're in North America I'd be happy to either e-mail you
the demo. as an attachment (MIME or Binhex, whichever you prefer) or
alternatively, send it by snailmail - except I'm waiting for new printed
tutorials to arrive. Please indicate below your preference if I can help.

BTW, I admit to being Biosoft's representative in North America so I do
have a pecuniary interest. However, I believe that this software is
certainly well worth considering for the application described.

Sincerely,   Martin.

Martin Pion, Biosoft, PO Box 10938, Ferguson, MO 63135.
Tel: 314 524 8029  Fax: 314 524 8129

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At 9:50 PM 10/27/95, Matt Parker wrote:
>Jesse Salb (jsalb at ix.netcom.com) writes:
>> Anyone know of enzyme kinetics software for Windows which will do
>> Lineweaver Burk plots and is very flexible with respect to plot
>> appearance? I'm using Grafit now but it's highly user unfriendly,
>> though admittedly very flexible if you want to spend a few years
>> learning it.
>> Jesse
>        Try a program called "Figure P." I don't know who makes it, or
>where to find it...can anybody out there tell me?

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