New Apple II catalog!

Adrian Vance avsystem at rain.org
Sat Oct 28 21:11:17 EST 1995

        The AV Systems, Inc. "Apple II Survival Manual" catalog copy
        text  is available if you would like to see it.  Email  your
        request to us at "avsystem at rain.org" or CIS 70415,1420.

        If  you would like to receive a printed copy send your  U.S.
        Mail  address.   If your users group would like  to  have  a
        quantity let us know how many you want, name of the club and

        This catalog has become the Apple II book of record with ads
        for ten hardware and service providers. It now includes  450
        disks for the Apple II plus places to call for help.

        If you would care to see our catalog in hypertext check out
        "http://www.hypermall.com/avsystems/" on the World Wide Web.
        The complete text is there in a format that permits you to
        find what you want without having to read all the other text.

                                Adrian Vance

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