Beta testers wanted for reference database (must own a copy of Access 2)

J.M. Wortley PABJMW at leeds.ac.uk
Wed Oct 25 08:37:31 EST 1995

Five “Beta testers” wanted for RefBase, a reference 
management system for users with Microsoft Access 2.

Fast and accurate data entry:
 	a user can pick information with a mouse (Author(s), 
	Journal) from a drop down box 	containing all 
	previous author names sorted alphabetically.
Quick searches: 
	based upon creating a “hit list” of records 
	containing text strings.
	searches can be narrowed or widened.
	individual records removed or added to the hit list.
Easy exporting:
	hit list can be saved as a text file, printed from 
	Allows bibliographical data to be exported to word in 
	a wide variety of journal formats such 	as Nature 

Priced will be around USD 100 or UKP 60 for users who have a 
copy of Access, around twice that for users who don’t.

The price will include customisation for each user and one 
months support.  The software comes with simple help files 
and no manual.

If anyone would like to test this for me, they will receive a 
free copy and customisation.

If anyone is interested, please contact me on 
pabjmw at leeds.ac.uk

Jonathan Wortley

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