A/b expert system Q, last post went blank

Sasha Goldfarb goldfarb at news.dorsai.org
Wed Oct 25 10:19:11 EST 1995

Hi all,
I would appreciate if anybody can help me with the information on 
following matter.

We are going to develop an expert system for an optimal antibiotic 
selection (or combination of antibiotics) in patients with peritonitis, 
mostly in patients on peritoneal dialysis.  I did Medline search but did 
not find anything like that.  However the problem is very obvious and 
seems to be very suitable for expert system approach.  My question is, is 
there is anybody, who knows about a work that has been already done or 
software (incl. commercial and shareware) that has been already 
deleloped?  Do you think the subject worth efforts?  Any other 
suggestions will be welcomed.  Our approach is to develop system that 
will suggest  antibiotics or their combinations in cases of infections, 
primarily peritonitis, including combined infection.  The system planned 
to be easy updated with new a/b on the market, new data of bacterial 
resistance, etc.

All suggestions are welcomed.  Please respond directly to me.

Sasha Goldfarb.

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