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> Hi,
>         Here is some information about the Genome Tracker 
> program for the Macintosh user.  This database program is 
> designed to help you organize your inventory of seed stocks 
> and also helps manage transformation, mutagenesis, and 
> genetic experiments.  The database keeps track of the 
> following information:  Stock Number, Ecotype, Genotype, 
> Generation and Type (i.e. mutategenized, transgenic etc.), 
> Self-fertilized vs. Cross-Fertilized, Age, Storage Location, 
> References, Source, Parents, Single Plant Seed Stock vs. 
> Population, and Comments.  Some of the functions provided 
> by the program, accessible through both desktop buttons and 
> menus, include: Find/Search, Sort, Find Parent, Draw Family 
> Tree, and Draw Progeny Tree. The program includes 
> customizable pop-up menus to facilitate rapid standardized 
> data entry by multiple users.  We have provided a very useful 
> "Fill In" button which facilitates entering the parental 
> information.  The Family Tree drawing feature can be used to 
> track the progress of multi-generational genetic cross 
> experiments.   The Progeny Tree drawing feature identifies 
> all the progeny of an individual (or population) and can be 
> used to keep track of individuals derived from a mutagenesis, 
> transformation, or genetic experiment.
>         This relational database program is easy to use and 
> comes with an extensive Users Manual.  In addition, we 
> provide online technical support via e-mail.  The program is 
> available for $199.00.  We accept purchase orders, checks, 
> and money orders.  A demonstration version is not available 
> at this time.  We offer a 30 day return policy.  We plan on 
> having a version for the PC computer in the near future.  If 
> you wish to order a copy please send the PO number to the 
> following address.  You can also send the PO number to this 
> e-mail address for more rapid ordering, but we would 
> appreciate also receiving a paper copy.
> Salt City Software
> 7744 Sotherden Dr.
> Liverpool, NY  13090
> email: 70761.2216 at Compuserve.com
> Sincerely,
> Kim Pruitt

What are the restrictions on commercial activities in the
BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups?

BIOSCI is funded in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF) which
supports the Internet in
the U.S. with U.S. taxpayer dollars. NSF is responsible for setting
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
for the the NSFNet backbone section of the Internet of which BIOSCI makes
extensive use.
Because of these reasons, BIOSCI users should adhere to the following

Commercial activities on BIOSCI are in general prohibited except as noted
below. People at
for-profit organizations are free to read all postings made to the
BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups, but
must ensure that their postings to the newsgroups do not violate our

Commercial organizations may post job openings on EMPLOYMENT/bionet.jobs
subject to the
format restrictions for that group. Commercial job posting format
restrictions for the
EMPLOYMENT/bionet.jobs newsgroup are described above under the question
"Where should I
post my messages?" Users who violate these format restrictions consciously
risk losing their
network access. 

BIOSCI readers without any financial connections to a company or a product
may discuss and/or
post endorsements of a commercial product. However, it is standard
Internet practice to include in
the posting a disclaimer of any financial interest in the product/company.
Note that postings to
newsgroups are subject to libel laws. BIOSCI advises readers to think
twice before taking potshots
at products that they do not like. 

BIOSCI users often post general questions about problems that might be
solved through the use of
a commercial product. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, however, that such
general questions
not be answered by people affiliated with the product or company that
might stand to gain a sale as
a result. For example, user X may ask, "Is there a product that will allow
me to separate protein A
from protein B given the following properties ...?", but, if user Y works
at company Z which sells
a product that can accomplish this task, user Y does NOT have permission
to respond to the
question. Responses can only be posted by other scientists who might have
experience in solving
the problem in question and who do not stand to gain financially by
promoting the product in
question, i.e., they are not employees, consultants, or connected to the
company via other financial
ties. As noted above, postings endorsing commercial products should
contain a customary
disclaimer stating the absence of financial ties of the poster to the

Commercial companies MAY RESPOND to a public BIOSCI newsgroup if a BIOSCI
user asks a
question directly about one of their products, e.g., mentions it by name.
The response should be
limited to a factual answer of the question posed and should avoid any
hint of advertising hype.
Comparisons with competitors' products should be avoided completely. 

Finally, as a general rule, if you are unsure about the appropriateness of
your posting, before you
post anything please send a copy of what you propose to post to the BIOSCI
adminstrator at
biosci-help at net.bio.net for review. 

BIOSCI will takes steps to terminate network access to any reader who
willfully violates our
commercial use policies.

InforMax, Inc.
informax at access.digex.net

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