New free simulation software

Frederic Bois fbois at diana.lbl.gov
Mon Oct 23 19:09:36 EST 1995

Announcing a new simulation Software: "MCSim".

Freely available on the WWW at http://rfs63.berkeley.edu/users/fbois/ 
(or via anonymous ftp at ftp://rfs63.berkeley.edu/pub/).

MCSim is a simulation package which allows you to design your own model 
(eventually dynamic, via ODEs) and to perform simple simulations, Monte 
Carlo stochastic simulations, or Bayesian inference through Markov Chain 
Monte Carlo simulations.

This package, written in C, is available for Macintosh (FPU and PowerPC) 
machines, and Unix (RISC, Apollo and Sparc) workstations. You will need a 
C compiler to compile your models. For the Macintosh you need Think C, 
available from Symantec Inc. For Unix machines we recommend GNU gcc, 
although other compilers (e.g. c89) might work.

Contact us by e-mail (fbois at rfs63.berkeley.edu) for more information or 
if you need help.

The Macintosh packages are BinHex4-encoded self-decompressing archives. 
The Unix packages are compressed tar archives. They contain:

- A User's Manual (simguide.rtf, an RTF-format file),
- The Mod program to preprocess your models,
- A Think C project file (for Macintosh) or a Makefile (for Unix) to
  generate your simulation program,
- Precompiled libraries and headers,
- Examples of  model files and simulation files.

Frederic Bois
fbois at rfs63.berkeley.edu

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