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Sat Oct 21 21:22:01 EST 1995

	Here is some information about the Genome Tracker 
program for the Macintosh user.  This database program is 
designed to help you organize your inventory of seed stocks 
and also helps manage transformation, mutagenesis, and 
genetic experiments.  The database keeps track of the 
following information:  Stock Number, Ecotype, Genotype, 
Generation and Type (i.e. mutategenized, transgenic etc.), 
Self-fertilized vs. Cross-Fertilized, Age, Storage Location, 
References, Source, Parents, Single Plant Seed Stock vs. 
Population, and Comments.  Some of the functions provided 
by the program, accessible through both desktop buttons and 
menus, include: Find/Search, Sort, Find Parent, Draw Family 
Tree, and Draw Progeny Tree. The program includes 
customizable pop-up menus to facilitate rapid standardized 
data entry by multiple users.  We have provided a very useful 
"Fill In" button which facilitates entering the parental 
information.  The Family Tree drawing feature can be used to 
track the progress of multi-generational genetic cross 
experiments.   The Progeny Tree drawing feature identifies 
all the progeny of an individual (or population) and can be 
used to keep track of individuals derived from a mutagenesis, 
transformation, or genetic experiment.
	This relational database program is easy to use and 
comes with an extensive Users Manual.  In addition, we 
provide online technical support via e-mail.  The program is 
available for $199.00.  We accept purchase orders, checks, 
and money orders.  A demonstration version is not available 
at this time.  We offer a 30 day return policy.  We plan on 
having a version for the PC computer in the near future.  If 
you wish to order a copy please send the PO number to the 
following address.  You can also send the PO number to this 
e-mail address for more rapid ordering, but we would 
appreciate also receiving a paper copy.

Salt City Software
7744 Sotherden Dr.
Liverpool, NY  13090

email: 70761.2216 at Compuserve.com

Kim Pruitt

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