PC 3D viewer software for PDB data?

xyzzyx xyzzyx at aimnet.com
Sat Oct 21 00:03:29 EST 1995

In article <465hn0$18dh at saba.info.ucla.edu>, bbraun at ucla.edu says...
>Ok, so I'm new here.  This must be a very old question, but there's
>no FAQ posted, so...
>I recently found out that a molecule we work with has a solution
>NMR structure that is in the Brookhaven PDB.  I would really like to
>view it on my PC in 3D - spin it around and all that.  I don't need to 
>solve structures or model atomic forces or anything like that.  Just
>view the 3D coordinates.  Support for 3D glasses would be a bonus,
>but free of charge is the most important.  Brookhaven's web page
>mentions Rasmol, but I don't know what that is.
>Thanks in advance,

I apologize if this URL is no longer current, but I downloaded RASWIN (the 
PC-Windoze version of Rasmol) a while back from: 

This may no longer be correct, but give it a shot.  There is probably a 
connection somewhere from the NIH web page.

This is a pretty good PC package.   Reads PDB data straight in.  You can 
render in many modes (ribbons, balls, spheres, wireframe, etc), slice through 
the molecule, change colors, print or copy to other programs, spin it around 
and around, etc.

It runs lighting fast on my P75, acceptably on my 486/66, and somewhat slower 
on a 386/33.  A lot of FPU operations, I'm sure.

Good luck on your hunt.

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