Sequenceing program !!!

Rob Sargent rob at fosters.genetics.utah.edu
Fri Oct 20 11:07:15 EST 1995

In article <ygbu454sa31.fsf at skua.csb.ki.se> ae at skua.csb.ki.se (Arne Elofsson) (Arne Elofsson) writes:

   Hi folks
   I've just been looking at all my poor lab-mates that manually reads sequence 
   gels (from a phosphorimaging screen). This seems to be very stupid, 
   take a picture from a sequenceing gel (in some computer readable form)
   and turn it into a DNA sequence.


   (To think before you speak is as to wipe your ass before you shit.)

By all means write one. I know people who have been working at this
for years. But start thinking before you start coding!


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