Error Detection for Linkage Data - GenoCheck, 1.0

Margaret Gelder gelder at stat0.stat.rice.edu
Thu Oct 19 15:17:21 EST 1995

                       GenoCheck, version 1.0                              
                           Meg Gelder Ehm
                           Rice University
                        Department of Statistics
                         Houston, Texas  USA
                         gelder at stat.rice.edu

New error detection capabilities are available for genetic linkage data!
GenoCheck, 1.0 is an error checking program designed to identify 
individuals and loci that are likely to contain errors.  The statistical 
method was designed to identify typing error, but is general enough to 
pinpoint any unlikely genotype still consistent with Mendelian inheritance.

GenoCheck was developed using FASTLINK 2.2 (modified version of LINKAGE 5.1) 
and uses a similar file configuration and installation procedure.  The code 
contains checkpointing facilities that allow users to recover from crashes 
without having to rerun the program and comes with documentation.

For more information about the code or the algorithm visit me at the American 
Society of Human Genetics meeting.  I will be at my poster 1094 from 4-6pm on 
Thursday, October 26.

The instructions for retrieving the code are given below:

ftp softlib.cs.rice.edu

Login as anonymous and leave your full e-mail address as the password.

cd pub/GenoCheck

In that directory you will find various files.  You can get everything at 
once by retrieving:


and then (outside of ftp) doing the commands:

uncompress genocheck.tar.Z
tar xvf genocheck.tar

If you prefer to get the files piecemeal, instead of getting genocheck.tar.Z 
start by getting README*.  The file README (with no extension) will describe 
all of the documentation.

The statistical algorithm implemented in GenoCheck, version 1.0
is described in the papers:

M. G. Ehm, R.W. Cottingham Jr., and M. Kimmel.  Error Detection
in Genetic Linkage Data Using Likelihood Based Methods.  Journal 
of Biological Systems, Vol. 3, No. 1 (1995) 13-25.

M. G. Ehm, R. W. Cottingham Jr., and M. Kimmel.  Error Detection
in Genetic Linkage Data Using Likelihood Based Methods.  American
Journal of Human Genetics, Vol. 58, No. 1 (1996) (to appear).

Please e-mail any questions or suggestions about GenoCheck to
gelder at stat.rice.edu.


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