dbtools and hassle

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Thu Oct 19 18:29:02 EST 1995

I've been swearing a lot lately while trying to do
database mirroring between US and UK.  I think most people
now realize fairly serious overload problem that has
developed for cross-Atlantic Internet services.
The software I'm using is the 'mirror' perl package
by Lee McLoughlin, at 
ftp to src.doc.ic.ac.uk []
directory: computing/archiving/mirror

That seems to do what I need, and is the most widely used
package I would guess for databank mirroring by FTP. I haven't
used it enough to be on solid ground, but it looks like
it will do the work painlessly once you configure it properly.

-- Don

In article <30867637.41C6 at bioch.ox.ac.uk>,
Michele Clamp  <michele at bioch.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
>Hello all,
>Oh while I'm here I wouldn't mind hearing any of your views on
>nightly/weekly database updates in general as long as you keep the
>swearing to a minimum.

-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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