PC 3D viewer software for PDB data?

bbraun at ucla.edu bbraun at ucla.edu
Thu Oct 19 07:52:48 EST 1995

Ok, so I'm new here.  This must be a very old question, but there's
no FAQ posted, so...

I recently found out that a molecule we work with has a solution
NMR structure that is in the Brookhaven PDB.  I would really like to
view it on my PC in 3D - spin it around and all that.  I don't need to 
solve structures or model atomic forces or anything like that.  Just
view the 3D coordinates.  Support for 3D glasses would be a bonus,
but free of charge is the most important.  Brookhaven's web page
mentions Rasmol, but I don't know what that is.

Thanks in advance,


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