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Ingrid Jakobsen ingrid at helios.anu.edu.au
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In article <1995Oct10.220007.1 at sask.usask.ca>, matte at sask.usask.ca writes:
> Dear All,
> 	I am trying to manipulate postscript/encapsulated postscript
> files. First, are they one in the same thing ? Are their different
> flavours of postscript files ? Most importantly, is there software
> available to convert between one and the other ? I have seen Highjack
> for Windows, for example, but I don't think it will preform this particular
> type of conversion.

Encapsulated postscript (eps) is basically a stricter subset of postscript. 
This means that anything in eps does not need to be converted. The other 
way is more of a problem. Eps requires that the item is a single page or 
part thereof, that you know the size the item takes up on the page, and 
that certain postscript commands are not used. So for example, a 
multi-page document cannot be converted toeps, and no converting software 
will help.

For fuller details, I recommend the comp.lang.postscript FAQ. 


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