BLAST/FASTA search of a specific sequence

Andy Law Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk
Mon Oct 16 11:34:03 EST 1995

In article <45trki$j44 at newshost.rpms.ac.uk>, Dr Mick Jones
<mjones at rpms.ac.uk> wrote:

 >  Hi netters
 >  I am hoping that somebody out there can help me.
 >  What I want to do is search all 6 possible orfs of specific sequences 
 >  with a very short peptide sequence (6 - 10 aa in length).  The specific 
 >  sequences are the complete sequences of human herpesviruses, each one is 
 >  >150,000 bp in size.

FINDPATTERNS ?? If I understand your requirements correctly

 >  "Crackin' bit of toast, Gromit."    Wallace (The Wrong Trousers)

Nah, he said "Cracking toast, Grommit". There was no "bit of" in it.

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