Netscape 1.1 on Mac

Mike Mitchell mike at bison.lif.icnet.uk
Fri Oct 13 04:08:08 EST 1995

In article <45jfob$82l at cicg-communication.grenet.fr>, hewat at ill.fr (Alan
Hewat) wrote:

> RVDESHP0 at pwinet.upj.com writes:
> > I am running Netscape 1.1 on MacIIsi.  Every time I use it, it bombs
after a 
> > while with an "unimplemented trap" error.  Could anyone help in explaining 
> > and fixing this problem ?  Thanks.
> Try increasing the cache size under Options/Preferences/Cache.

As an alternative check the finder memory partition for the application, it
claims to want a minimum of 1Mb but I find it runs better at 3-5Mb!!

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